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I have actually been watching current anime and I’m gonna try and blog some!!! :D

18 Jan

Aw, thanks Haruhi! I completely trust that this gift won't explode in my face :)HEEEEEEEEEEY GUUUYYYYYSSS!!!

Yes, it’s true. I’m gonna try to blog some shtuff.

I’m keeping my list short and sweet this season so I can hopefully stay caught up, even though I’m already behind 😛

So, without further ado! *draws back curtain*

omg you guys...this show...#1: CUTICLE TANKEI INABA

Yes. Yes that is a giant evil goat in the background.

Why do I like this show, you guys? It’s so…um…yeah…

Anyway, this show is like slapstick to the 23rd power. I don’t even think I can successfully blog this, it’s so all over the place. I might do like, a “Pic of the Week” or something from this show.

Anyway, it’s pretty hilarious and I actually quite enjoy it.


I want a goat horns headband...#2: MAOYUU MAOU YUUSHA

I actually have slightly mixed feelings with this one. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it has a great story idea and the art is gorgeous, but after the first episode, I can see this show going one of two ways: THE AWESOME WAY, and the perverted and stupid joke every five seconds with a horrible ending way.

So, we shall see.

I’ll possibly blog this one. If I end up really enjoying it 🙂


I would like all of these men, please.#3: AMNESIA

Why, no, I haven’t even watched the first episode of this.

Why? Is that important?

When you know these four are in that show, is it important to watch the first episode before you promise to blog it and fangirl over it incessantly?

I dunno…







I know, I know, I said I’d blog the first season…and then life happened…THAT’S MY EXCUSE.

But now I’m all caught up and ZOMG there’s more of it!!! 😀

This show, is so fantastic. I can’t even handle it.

I have cried numerous times during season 1 and I ain’t ashamed of it at all. All the characters are likable (minus DES, of course) and it’s such a sweet show AND YOU BET IT’S GETTING BLOGGED.

I hope to put up episode 2 (and probably 3…might combine them with hilites…) up tomorrow afternoon 🙂


I intend to keep up Suki-desu, Suzuki-Kun naturally. Just waitin’ for the next dramatic chapter!

That’s about it though, I think.

K, see y’all tomorrow with some AKB goodness!!!