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I have actually been watching current anime and I’m gonna try and blog some!!! :D

18 Jan

Aw, thanks Haruhi! I completely trust that this gift won't explode in my face :)HEEEEEEEEEEY GUUUYYYYYSSS!!!

Yes, it’s true. I’m gonna try to blog some shtuff.

I’m keeping my list short and sweet this season so I can hopefully stay caught up, even though I’m already behind 😛

So, without further ado! *draws back curtain*

omg you guys...this show...#1: CUTICLE TANKEI INABA

Yes. Yes that is a giant evil goat in the background.

Why do I like this show, you guys? It’s so…um…yeah…

Anyway, this show is like slapstick to the 23rd power. I don’t even think I can successfully blog this, it’s so all over the place. I might do like, a “Pic of the Week” or something from this show.

Anyway, it’s pretty hilarious and I actually quite enjoy it.


I want a goat horns headband...#2: MAOYUU MAOU YUUSHA

I actually have slightly mixed feelings with this one. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it has a great story idea and the art is gorgeous, but after the first episode, I can see this show going one of two ways: THE AWESOME WAY, and the perverted and stupid joke every five seconds with a horrible ending way.

So, we shall see.

I’ll possibly blog this one. If I end up really enjoying it 🙂


I would like all of these men, please.#3: AMNESIA

Why, no, I haven’t even watched the first episode of this.

Why? Is that important?

When you know these four are in that show, is it important to watch the first episode before you promise to blog it and fangirl over it incessantly?

I dunno…







I know, I know, I said I’d blog the first season…and then life happened…THAT’S MY EXCUSE.

But now I’m all caught up and ZOMG there’s more of it!!! 😀

This show, is so fantastic. I can’t even handle it.

I have cried numerous times during season 1 and I ain’t ashamed of it at all. All the characters are likable (minus DES, of course) and it’s such a sweet show AND YOU BET IT’S GETTING BLOGGED.

I hope to put up episode 2 (and probably 3…might combine them with hilites…) up tomorrow afternoon 🙂


I intend to keep up Suki-desu, Suzuki-Kun naturally. Just waitin’ for the next dramatic chapter!

That’s about it though, I think.

K, see y’all tomorrow with some AKB goodness!!!



Summer Anime Schedule SO FAR

14 Jun


But…putting the obvious aside…

Summer is great. I have time. Sort of.

Anyway, if you still watch the “Current” page, you’ll notice it’s been updated. So, here’s a shpeal (not how you spell that..) of my plans so far:

Yeah…I know…it’s over and done…but here’s the truth: I fully intended to keep blogging this regularly, but then after our band trip to Disneyland, my grades started dropping…more than I would have liked…so I completely cut off anime until the end of the school year. Which means I have yet to finish watching this. WHICH MEANS I WILL FOR SURE BLOG THE LAST EPISODE AT THE VERY LEAST.

This show has been one of my favorites for a long time, and it deserves a good send out. So, I plan to blog the last episode like nothing happened…and then write a goodbye post for ZnT in general. I will miss it so much…*snivel*…moving on…

Oh dear Lord this manga…it rips out my heart, stomps and squishes it, then blows some Chinobu sparkles on it and stuffs it back inside me…

More or less…

My point is that I probably won’t be blogging every chapter of this. Mostly because I can’t stand the little adorable scenes with Hikaru and his girlfriend because it makes Chihiro sad and she’s my favorite…and I totally can’t remember Hikaru’s girlfriend’s name…I haven’t read it in a while…

Anyway, the Chinobu chapters are the only ones getting me through this manga…and I love them enough to keep at it…So anyway, I’ll try to blog chapter 20 if I feel up to it…but if chapter 21 is translated before then and I love it more dearly, well…yeah…

I…honestly do not understand my obsession with this show…

I mean, part of it’s the music. I have completely fallen in love with AKB48. You should totally look them up…

Another part is the idea. Planets where entertainment is banned…an idol group that risks their lives to perform for entertainment-hungry beings…it’s so cool..

And…another part is the heart and diamond highlights in the character’s hair…I get so distracted watching those…I sometimes miss what’s happening…but yeah, I intend to blog this.

If you don’t know what this show is, well…it’s not always this happy-go-lucky…

This picture reminds me of one I saw from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, where everyone was all happy and smiling, and…*shudder*…

Tasogare OtomeXAmnesia isn’t as bloody and insane as HnNKN, but it’s damn creepy. I’ve totally had nightmares about Shadow Yuuko. BUT I LOVE THIS SHOW SO.

The art is amazing, Yuuko is adorable and lovable, and the story is haunting and thrilling. And romantic.

So I intend to blog whatever’s left of this show. Which probably isn’t much. But I watched the first nine episodes in one day…so I’m determined…

As for other shows…well, we’ll see. Right now, I have as much energy as the girl in this picture, so I feel like I could conquer a country right now. Maybe a continent.

I actually have four shows I still wanna look at…(Medaka Box, Upotte!!, Shining Hearts ((I know…)), and Sengoku Collection). I also watched the first episode Haiyore Nyaruko-san!, and I’m debating if I want to blog it or not…I really want some new characters first 😦

So yah. Episode 7 of AKB0048 should go up today, as well as episode 10 of my darling Yuuko’s story ❤

As for everything else…we’ll have to see. So far I have nothing really planned for the next couple weeks but my boyfriend’s kinda sporadic and makes last-minute plans…so God only knows…(Yes, I’m dating someone. Well…kinda dating…I don’t know. But again, he’s vague and sporadic and invites himself over to my house which annoys the heck outta my mom…sorry Mommy!…anyway…)